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In this turn-based RPG inspired by such great games like Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Warrior and Earthbound, you play as an amnesiac who was locked away in an underground cavern for stealing a loaf of bread...while a half-melted clone of her stalks her. Her memories dot the landscape! Can you figure out who what's going on? Can you figure out who you are and more importantly...can you save yourself? Regicide features exciting locales to find, interesting people to talk to and most important - no grinding!

This is an early release, meaning that it's still a work in progress. However, it's playable, and updates come every Tuesday.

Note: this game works best in Chrome and Firefox.

Install instructions

Download and install. If you need any support, please visit http://forum.regicidegame.com/.


RegicideDEMO.exe 214 MB